A unique writing experience that cultivates creativity and wellbeing

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Courageous Writing

Hone Your Voice, Your Craft, and Your Joy

This seven-week virtual writing experience includes:

  • Weekly, hour-long sessions filled with creative warm-up activities, writing prompts, craft lessons, guided reflective practices, and time for writing and sharing.

  • Opt-in, real-time discussion calls where you can pose questions and comments to us about all aspects of your writing process. 

  • A private online forum where we’ll share our writing with each other.

  • Creative and reflective writing prompts to play with between calls.


Is this writing journey for you?

Courageous Writing blends creative expression, writing technique, reflection, and the science of happiness and wellbeing to help you more deeply experience and write from your own aliveness and creativity. By the end of our seven weeks together, we want you to be nourished by your own writing process and that of your peers. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, memoir or poetry, we'll help you gain skills and healthy writing habits, while filling your journal with a lot of great material.


A focus on Craft and Wellbeing


To write clearly and with ease, from the heart of your inspiration, and to connect meaningfully with your readers requires continuously developing new skills and  practices. We will provide opportunities to develop both in a focused and supportive environment. ​By combining techniques used in poetry and prose in every session, we create an environment where every participant can learn something new and can integrate that knowledge into their writing practice.



The themes we've chosen are designed to help you flourish in your writing and life.

Part One: Writing to Embrace Change

- Activate more vivid writing and life experiences through our Living in Your Senses practices

- Learn to expand your capacity for joy through our Inner Bliss process 

- Discover how to go beyond writers block and perfectionism and create with ease.

Part 2: Writing Through Challenges

- Gain more mature forms of intimacy as we take you into Working with the Hard Parts of Life 

- Learn to use embers of hardship as fuel for your creativity

-  Receive writing practices to help you be more compassionate with yourself and others.

Part 3: Writing as Reemergence

- Experience Empathy as an Imaginative Act

- Rewire your Stress Response through our writing practices that rewrite how you think about and respond to stress

- Get writing practices to help you design more creativity and deep-down nourishment into the rest of 2020.

Why writing?

Benefits of Writing Practice

Based on our collective 40 years of experience, we’ve created methods to help you: 

  • cultivate stillness to enhance the quality and depth of your reflections
  • discover your fundamental "okay-ness” to support creativity 
  • create space for creatively leveraging hardships and challenges

  • expand your ability to experience fuller and more robust forms of joy 

  • invest in relationships that nurture your creative expression

  • discover the courage to give voice to what is calling you forward

  • celebrate your joys large and small.


Our unique moment

For many of us this moment poses unique challenges. Courageous Writing is a space where we can “be on retreat,” connect with other creative individuals, find our own deep still place, share our creativity, imagine the experience of others as deeply as we experience our own, show up wholeheartedly with one another, and ultimately find our way forward together.


About Us

We draw on each of our 20-year careers with reflective and creative writing as students, practitioners, coaches and teachers. And for nearly a decade, we've shared a lot of laughter and experienced the great joy of helping each other grow our writing careers.

Lucy Flood

Lucy Headshot 6.png

Lucy Flood has written for The Atlantic, InsideClimate News, The Jackson Hole News and Guide, The Louisville Courier Journal, and Berkeleyside, in addition to other places. She helps creative professionals and corporate and non-profit teams to ignite their creativity and flourish in their work and life contexts.  She also has led writing workshops for Writers in the Park, The Jackson Hole Writers Conference, the University of Texas at Austin, and groups of professionals in the Bay Area.As a journalist, editor and a consultant, she draws on her broad understanding of what makes people thrive: in the realms of movement, mindfulness, self-compassion, stress, yoga, mindset interventions, the science of happiness and more.  She holds a B.A. from Stanford University in Human Biology, as well as an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from The University of Texas at Austin. Middlebury College also awarded her an environmental journalism fellowship. Lucy lives in the Bay Area with her husband and child. She enjoys writing at dusk under the fig tree in her backyard.

Matt Daly


Matt Daly is the author of Between Here and Home (Unsolicited Press) and the chapbook Red State (Seven Kitchens Press). He edited the chapbook Untrapped for Wyoming Untrapped. Matt is the recipient of a Neltje Blanchan Award for writing inspired by the natural world and a Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry from the Wyoming Arts Council. His poems have appeared in publications including Pilgrimage, The Cortland Review, and High Desert Journal as well as the Sixteen Rivers Press anthology America, We Call Your Name. Matt makes text-based art independently and in collaboration with visual, performing, and literary artists. His work has been exhibited in Jackson, Pinedale and New York. Matt is on the faculty of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference. He also teaches reflective and creative writing for medical professionals, educators, college and secondary students, and others interested in the literary arts.


What They’re Saying

Matt Daly has a gift in being able to extricate, without much energy from him, the most surprising talents from
every person present. What a superb session.

Anonymous Physician

Lucy’s facilitation was exquisite: confident, knowledgable, supportive, and flexible. Her ability to attune to each person and support them in the way they needed helped make the group feel safe and alive. I had an amazing time and wrote something I’m proud of that I published to an online community. I also submitted writing for a conference in Europe that I was invited to attend.

Zach Schlosser, Entrepreneur and Writer

This session was a revelation. Mr. Daly, a young poet, took a group of middle-aged physicians and had us intensely and enthusiastically engaged in a series of entertaining exercises that yielded poems as diverse as the group. Wonderful!!

Anonymous Physician

While participating in this group, my voice as a writer really started to open up. The exercises we did helped me stretch in new ways as a writer, and I always found more freedom in my expression after a creative exercise. Lucy masterfully created a setting between us where we could explore, celebrate each other, grow together, and have a blast!

Brita Grothe, Physical Therapist and Career Coach

Matt has worked with me on editing two novels and starting a poetry collection. He has helped me grow as a writer almost more than anyone else. His honesty, warmth, sense of humor, humility and understanding of the craft of writing make him a joy to work with.

Anonymous Writer

Being Lucy's student and watching how she delights in teaching, how she inspires people to write with passion and freedom ... her energy is simply contagious and so very fun to be with.

Chantia Smith

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